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Temple Worshippers Society for the Hindus, by the Hindus

Temple Worshippers Society for the Hindus, by the Hindus

Our goal is to retrieve, restore & rejuvenate temple sanctity, divinity & practices.

And empower the community to manage the temples as they have been for several centuries.

Our Goal

  • Restore the sanctity of our Temples
  • Restore & preserve the wealth of our Temples
  • Restore the practices and traditions of our Temples

For over one thousand years our lives have centered around temples. A village was inhabitable only if there was a temple.The emperors and kings of yore, wealthy men, the man on the street donated huge resources for.....

Six Sacred Roles

The are six core functions that must be performed, diligently, faithfully

  • Worship as per agama shāstrās and traditions of the temple
  • Anna dhānam
  • Veda pātashala
  • Goshālās
  • Facilities and dignified livelihood for priests & other temple sevaks
  • Chatrams for worshippers & pilgrims

Temple Wealth

The dynasties that ruled Southern India, thePallavas,Chozhas, Chalukyas, Pandiyasand the Nayaks of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, between 550CE and 1450CE for a continuous period for almost 1,000 yearswere great temple builders. Each dynasty not only built new temples, they also expanded and embellished existing ones. Over time, temples became the cradle for culture, arts, crafts, knowledge and education.

Major Transgressions

Major Transgressions

Each temple has a unique set of rituals, norms of worship defined by agama sastras. Even the upkeep, maintenance and expansion are guided by age oldsatras. Our ancestors, kings, emperors and other devotees all adhered to agama sastras while constructing temples. All of our ancient temples have been expanded and renovated at some time after they were originally built. It is difficult for the untrained eye to spot the additions, for they blend harmoniously into the whole.


Who are we?

Who are we?

Temple Worshippers Society is a group of concerned Hindus. Our goal is to retrieve the temples from the unholy clutches of a ‘secular’ government, restore their sanctity and once again make temples the center of our life and culture. As intended by generations of our forefathers over many centuries.

Our strategy is to expose the mismanagement and desecration of temples by a ‘secular’ Government, confront them by legal means.

We intend to help restore the management of temples and their properties to the local communities. Provide them with sastric, agamic and historical research and information on individual temples. So that they can be preserved and passed on to posterity.

History of Government control of Hindu Temples

History of  Government  control of Hindu Temples


Madras Regulation 1817 – Taking over temple lands


Religious Endowments Act 1863 – handing control back to ‘trustees’


Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Act 1927


Madras Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act 1951


Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Act 1959 (TN Act 22 1959)

Report an Issue Tamizhnadu temples

Report an Issue Tamizhnadu temples

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