Who we are?

A group of concerned Hindus from diverse walks of life formed the Temple Worshipers Society. Among us are academicians, lawyers, journalists, business leaders, management consultants, engineers, software professionals, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders and bankers.

All of us currently work voluntarily to restore the invaluable heritage of our temples for future generations, as they have come to us.

T R Ramesh, a banker with several years of experience is the honorary President of the Society. He has committed himself fulltime for the cause.

The objective of TWS is to retrieve, restore and rejuvenate our sacred temples, their practices, rituals, culture, and architecture.

We believe a secular Government has no business managing Hindu temples. The Government started out taking over 'temple properties' in order to protect them. They now manage all aspects of temple functions. The officialdom has neglected temple properties and has been insensitive to long held beliefs and practices. Temples are being run as inefficiently as any government department. Temple wealth is being squandered with total disdain for the intention of the bhaktas who donated the properties.

Squatters and unscrupulous persons have grabbed vast tracts of Temple land, while ostensibly the Government had 'taken over the properties to protect them'

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