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Transgressions and misuse of temple and its properties are generally of four types:

Worship & Rituals

In many temples under the 'management' of HR&CE proper worship and rituals as per agama sāstras and by duly qualified and trained persons are not conducted. Every temple has a tradition of worship that were sustained over centuries, known to the local communities whose ancestors have preserved them. If you observe any lapses in worship and rituals, discuss with local community elders. Provide us the details. One of us will contact you to help you preserve your temple traditions.

Remember, the preservation of temple, its culture, its wealth can be done

Mismanagement of Temple Properties – Lands & Buildings

To put this in perspective, the TN HR&CE claims to 'manage' 4.28 lakh acres of agricultural land, 22,600 buildings and 33,600 'sites'. During 2011 the total rent for these properties is claimed to be just Rs.303.64 crores and just Rs.36.04 crores was collected.

Temple properties are neglected and forfeited to squatters and other vested interests.

Some argue that temple properties may be rented / leased at subsidized rates to 'public' or 'charitable' organizations – this has no logic. Temple must realize market value for the property. The funds must be expended in the first place for the purpose for which they were donated. Any surplus must be applied to the functions of that temple. If public cause is to be met, then it should be at the discretion and pleasure of the temple, not the arbitrary dictates of the 'secular' Government!

Missing Temple Valuables, Jewelry and Deities (urchava murthies)

Damage / Alteration / Disfigurement of Temples

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