Our strategy to realize our goal is thru legal means. By constantly highlighting the transgressions and maladministration, filing cases at the appropriate legal forums, and involving the local community.

There are two broad objectives. The first is, retrieve the temples from Government management. The second is to help the local communities to be the true custodians of the temple and its heritage.

Implementing legal strategy means filing legal cases with the courts, at the District, High Court and at the Supreme Court. In addition we have to be alert to the different transgressions ranging from mismanagement of properties to disfigurement of temples and file complaints to stop them.

During the next two years, we believe we would need more than Rs.50 lakhs for research, documentation, legal and administrative expenses.

Until now we have filed more than 300 RTI applications. We have served three legal notices on the TN HR&CE Department. Filed one writ-petition Madras High Court.

We believe we have created the ground-work and the time is opportune to move to a more active phase.

To put our expenses in perspective, even if we are able to retrieve a portion of the properties of just two temples, it would be worth more than Rs.2,000 crores – which can yield upto Rs.20 crores per year to the temples in perpetuity!

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