Our Goals

The goal of TWS is to retrieve and restore the temple sanctity, divinity and practices. The local community should manage the temples. A 'secular' Government has no role in running Hindu Temples. As indeed the Government does not and has no role in managing other religious places.
Each temple has its unique lore, traditions – these must be preserved. Only the local community who understand and are part of the tradition can preserve them, hold them in trust for future generations.

There are seven sacred functions that have to be carried out by the custodians of the Temple.

  • Worship & preservation of temples as per agama sāstrās and traditions
  • Anna dhānam – not to be confused with what govt is now doing inside a few temples which is against agama sastras.
  • Veda pātashala, agama Patasalas,  & promotion of traditional arts and temple related sciences
  • Facilities and dignified livelihood for priests & other temple sevaks
  • Chatrams for worshippers & pilgrims
  • Goshālās associated with every temple
  • Satsangs & Pravachanam to enlighten Hindus on their traditions & culture.

In current times, when Hinduism is under attack from other religious money bags, propagation of Hindu thought and values is not even in the agenda of temples, which are quite rich to carry out such programs.

The TN Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act 1959 and its predecessor acts, have permitted unbridled loot of temple wealth, destruction of temple architecture and neglect of worship. The HR&CE 1959 act itself is unconstitutional.

In the last few months we have initiated a few legal actions:

  • Several RTI queries on the state of funds of famous temples: the audit report on collections from Temple properties in TN is attached.
  • Legal notices issued to stop demolition of a an ancient temple – Kangeyam Pappini Periyanayagi Amman Kovil
  • Served objection notice on HR&CE to stop renewal @Rs.3,000 per month for 29 years and 11 months years, 18-ground land with building on Greenways Road, RA Puram, Chennai (worth Rs. 90 crores)
  • Working on a petition to be filed in the SC to declare the HR&CE Act 1959, null and void.

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