Each temple has a unique set of rituals, norms of worship defined by agama sāstras. Even the upkeep, maintenance and expansion are guided by age old sātras. Our ancestors, kings, emperors and other devotees adhered to Āgama sāstras while constructing temples. All of our ancient temples have been continuously expanded and renovated over time after they were originally built. It is difficult for the untrained eye to spot the additions, for they blend harmoniously into the whole. Except for the tasteless 'sarkar chāp' disfigurements in the last few decades.

What has been preserved and tastefully embellished over centuries are now being destroyed by the crass bābus of HR&CE.

  • Ancient granite / stone pillars are dismantled replaced by concrete columns.
  • Entire floors of mandapams, ancient eco-friendly granite, are removed and cement/mosaic floors laid.
  • Temple walls with priceless inscriptions are plastered over
  • Bathrooms tiles are used as a backdrop for the sacred icons.
  • Pictures of Mother Teresa, Ramasamy Naicker, and an atheist Dravidan politician CN Annadurai are stuck on the doors of Sanctum Sactorum door.
  • Ugly cement-concrete constructions, steel tresses with fiber canopies without any sensitivity to the magnificent architecture.
  • Whole temples are demolished under the guise of ‘rebuilding’ them – with bricks, cement, steel and concrete.
  • Unseemly shops, and ‘offices’ within temple premises.

Are the nithya pūjas, worship conducted? Here too there is total and complete neglect.

  • Temple lamps are unlit, unwashed
  • Worship is corrupted for populist practices: ‘Feasts’ held inside 338 temple premises on February 3, the death anniversary C N Annadurai a person who was an atheist and anti-Hindu
  • Sanctum sanctorum is violated by persons without piety, faith, training and learning to conduct pūjas
  • Not even one percent of the income of the temple is spent for daily pūjas and rituals in most big temples.

There are no facilities for ordinary, poor worshipers – the Kings of Yore built Dharmashalas and Chatrams for devotees. To-day there is not even a rest room in the vicinity of any temple. It is disgusting to see passers by urinating around temple tanks.

The Government has commercialized temples: ‘special’ darshan tickets and ‘`1 crore Platinum Card’ in exchange for certain privileges. What privileges were accorded to those who bequeathed properties and wealth of several hundreds of crore ruppes to temples?

The archakas, kurukkals, 'pūsaris' and other temple sevaks are paid a pittance, if they are paid at all. All major temples have māniyams – land donated for specific purposes like remuneration of archakas, kurukkals, 'pūsaris'. Such lands have been usurped under the 'control' of HR&CE

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